About Us

Hey! Welcome to our site! We are Hayley & Mel - owners of Sand&Sea Australia. We are entrepreneurs, mothers, best friends and now business partners!

We both have a love for travelling & a love for the beach, and Australia (especially WA) has some of the best spots around the world. So on one of our family adventures in Coral Bay, we had this idea that there has to be an easier way of dealing with 5 children on the beach with wet soggy sandy towels - so here we are! We started this business for something new, and to obviously make our lives easier. The best part about these towels is that they are super absorbent, compact, sand free, eco friendly, lightweight travel towels - so you can literally take them anywhere! We hope to have lots of designs coming for you in the future - but for now we have launched with our first collection "Into The Blue"
Anyways here is a few fun facts about each of us, to help you get to know us a bit better!


  • Mother to 3 beautiful boys
  • Registered Nurse
  • Supportive amazing husband
  • Lover of the beach
  • Not a fan of winter
  • Coffee - only way to start my day
  • Kids sports consume most of my evenings
  • Catching up with friends and family
  • Love a wine and listening to some good tunes
  • Enjoy a bit of netball when I get the time


  • Full time mum to 2 beautiful boys
  • Amazing supportive husband
  • Caravan traveller & sunseeker
  • My family is my world
  • I laugh, ALOT
  • I’m a bogan at heart
  • I hate the cold
  • The beach is where I feel most at home
  • Friends are life
  • I hate coffee - sorry! But I don’t mind a cider!
  • Massive music lover
  • I love a good chat, definitely one of the loudest in the room!
  • Quite crafty, I love art!

I hope that's helped you get to know us better and put a face to our business. We hope you guys love our towels as much as we do!!

Hayley & Mel xx